henderson nv christian church


Who is Sin City Church? 

We are all about loving God and loving people. Our mission is “To make disciples by loving people to a new life in Christ” compelled by Jesus’ words in the Bible from John 3:16 and Matthew 28:18-20. We do this through what we call whole-life stewardship. This simply means we believe every part of our lives is spiritual. We believe you are a soul with a body not the other way around; and therefore, we desire to help you build a strong foundation for you and your family as you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Sin City Church, we want every person to experience all that God has purposed for him or her. Everything we do is filtered through our vision “to love God and love people through prayer, evangelism, worship, discipleship, stewardship, community, and missions.”

We come together on Sunday mornings in one location to worship and praise God. This is where we as a community are encouraged and taught how to live out our Christianity. We are more than just a service on Sunday as we realize our need for God and other people carries throughout our week. We connect with and learn from others in our everyday lives. The means in which we accomplish this includes biblical preaching, classes, seminars and one-on-one mentoring, and LINC (living in new community) Small Groups. 

Constitution, By-Laws

and Beliefs

As a church that holds integrity in high regard, we believe in full transparency. The following document is our complete By-Laws, Constitution and our Statement of Belief of Sin City Church. 
This statement is adapted by Sin City Church, with permission, from CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) International. For additional information on CBE, visit their website.

Financial Integrity

With integrity and transparency highly regarded, we have presented an annual 2016 budget to our Core (Voting) Membership to gain approval and passing of our budget. The following budget was carefully prepared by a selected Budget Committee, and has been reviewed and approved by the Steering Board members. According to the by-laws of Sin City Church, we are presenting this budget in order to receive approval from our Core Voting Membership.

Any questions regarding these figures, can be directed to our Budget Committee Chair, Ms. Mary Gore, at 

Steering Board

The Sin City Church Steering Board exists to advise and uphold organizational integrity. The Board was carefully selected to provide guidance on key issues such as Senior Leadership roles and responsibilities, church policies and procedures, budget creation and control, resource allocation, decisions involving large expenditures, and overall strategy.

Current Board Members:

Randy and Rhonda Baker
Mike and Marj Castronova
Steve & Jann Evans
Mary Gore
Karen Kasson
Eric and Jayne Post
Nick & Cheri Toledo
Tim and Laurel Veit
Michael Williams
Jock & Dana Moore, Missionaries